Kinja Forza Challenge Week 2

This next week will send us all the way to Prague on the full course. The vehicle restriction this week, is any vehicle from 1960 or older and Class D. If you don't know where to spend all those rewards credits, perhaps a new.... Er old Ferrari is something that can tickle your fancy. Feeling a bit tight? Don't worry, you can always blast around in a C1 Corvette. The time to beat is 2:23.393.

If you haven't placed a time for last weeks challenge yet, don't fret. All times submitted today still count.


If you haven't yet, be sure to bookmark the following page to keep up with these weekly challenges.

Current Leaderboard

Shift24: 5pts

Straight Pipe: 4pts

Joe_Limon: 3pts

Brian Silvestro: 2pts

6cyl: 1pts

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